Who is the Guy at the End of “Amazing Brooklyn Pride SpiderMan 2”

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The post-credit scenes in superhero films have become almost as important as the main narrative itself, often teasing new characters, plot twists, or future adventures that keep audiences eagerly anticipating the next installment. “brooklyn pride spiderman 2” is no exception. The enigmatic figure introduced at the end of this film has sparked significant curiosity and speculation among fans. To fully understand who this character is, we need to delve into the intricacies of Spider-Man lore, the context provided by the film, and how this character might fit into the broader Marvel Cinematic Universe (MCU) and Spider-Verse.

A Closer Look at the Scene

In the closing moments of “Amazing brooklyn pride spiderman 2,” we see a shadowy figure emerging from the darkness. The scene is brief but packed with subtle clues. The character’s silhouette suggests a figure clad in a high-tech suit, with a distinctive, almost regal posture. The final shot zooms in on a mask or helmet that the figure holds, which bears a striking resemblance to one worn by a well-known character from the Spider-Man comics: the Hobgoblin.

Who is the Hobgoblin?

To understand the significance of the Hobgoblin, we must first explore the character’s origins in the comic books. The Hobgoblin, unlike many other villains in the Spider-Man universe, is not a single individual but rather an identity assumed by multiple characters. The original Hobgoblin, Roderick Kingsley, was a wealthy fashion designer who discovered one of Norman Osborn’s (the original Green Goblin) secret lairs. Using Osborn’s technology and formula, Kingsley enhanced his physical abilities and intelligence, adopting the Hobgoblin persona to further his criminal ambitions.

Over the years, several other characters have taken up the mantle of the Hobgoblin, including Jason Macendale, Ned Leeds, and Phil Urich. Each brought their own motivations and methods to the role, but the core concept remained the same: the Hobgoblin is a master manipulator, using a combination of technology, intelligence, and ruthlessness to achieve his goals.

The Hobgoblin in Film and TV

The Hobgoblin has made appearances in various animated Spider-Man series and has been a part of the broader Spider-Man media landscape for decades. However, his presence in live-action films has been more subtle. “Amazing Brooklyn Pride: Spider-Man 2” appears to be setting the stage for a significant introduction of this character, potentially as a major antagonist in future films.

In the comics, the Hobgoblin is often depicted as a formidable adversary for Spider-Man, combining the technological prowess of the Green Goblin with a more calculated and strategic approach. This makes him a unique and compelling villain, capable of challenging Spider-Man on multiple levels.

Clues from the Film

Several clues within “Amazing Brooklyn Pride: Spider-Man 2” hint at the Hobgoblin’s involvement. Throughout the film, we see references to Oscorp, the company founded by Norman Osborn. While Norman himself is not a major presence in the film, his legacy looms large. There are hints of corporate espionage, secret research projects, and advanced weaponry—all hallmarks of the Hobgoblin’s modus operandi.

Additionally, the character of Harry Osborn, Norman’s son and Peter Parker’s longtime friend, plays a significant role in the film. Harry’s complex relationship with Peter and his struggle with his family’s dark legacy are central to the plot. In the comics, Harry has taken on the role of both the Green Goblin and, at times, the Hobgoblin. His involvement in the film, combined with the appearance of the mysterious figure in the post-credits scene, strongly suggests that Harry—or someone closely connected to him—might be the new Hobgoblin.

The Future of the Spider-Verse

The introduction of the Hobgoblin opens up numerous possibilities for future films. The character’s rich backstory and multiple identities provide a wealth of material for filmmakers to explore. Moreover, the Hobgoblin’s connections to other characters and storylines within the Spider-Man universe make him an ideal antagonist for a multi-film arc.

One potential direction for the storyline could involve Harry Osborn’s transformation into the Hobgoblin. This would allow for a deep exploration of his character, his relationship with Peter Parker, and the legacy of the Osborn family. Alternatively, the filmmakers might choose to introduce a new character as the Hobgoblin, perhaps someone from Peter’s past or a completely new addition to the story.

Expanding the MCU

The inclusion of the Hobgoblin also has significant implications for the broader MCU. As Marvel continues to expand its cinematic universe, the integration of more complex and multifaceted villains like the Hobgoblin can provide fresh challenges and new dynamics for its heroes. The Hobgoblin’s intelligence and strategic mind make him a villain who could conceivably cross paths with other characters in the MCU, creating intriguing crossover potential.

Additionally, the technological aspects of the Hobgoblin’s character align well with the current direction of the MCU, which increasingly incorporates advanced technology and scientific themes. This could pave the way for interesting collaborations or conflicts with other tech-centric characters like Iron Man (or his successors), Doctor Strange, or even the Guardians of the Galaxy.

Fan Theories and Speculation

The reveal of the mysterious figure at the end of “Amazing Brooklyn Pride: Spider-Man 2” has ignited a flurry of fan theories and speculation. Some fans believe that the Hobgoblin might be connected to the multiverse, a concept that has been increasingly explored in recent Marvel films and TV shows. This could mean that the Hobgoblin we see is not from Peter Parker’s primary universe but from an alternate reality, adding another layer of complexity to the story.

Others speculate that the Hobgoblin might be part of a larger villainous alliance, potentially setting the stage for a group like the Sinister Six. This infamous team of Spider-Man villains has been teased in various forms over the years, and the inclusion of the Hobgoblin could be a step towards realizing this storyline on the big screen.


The figure at the end of “Amazing Brooklyn Pride: Spider-Man 2” is almost certainly the Hobgoblin, a character with deep roots in Spider-Man lore and significant potential for future storylines. Whether he is portrayed by Harry Osborn or another character, the Hobgoblin’s introduction promises to bring new challenges and excitement to the Spider-Verse and the broader MCU.

As with all things Marvel, the true identity and intentions of this character will likely be revealed gradually, through a combination of clever storytelling, strategic hints, and, of course, thrilling action sequences. Fans will undoubtedly be eagerly awaiting the next installment to see how this enigmatic figure fits into Spider-Man’s ever-expanding world and what new adventures and adversaries await our friendly neighborhood hero.

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